Turin is the city of excellence. It was the headquarters of the Italian royal family; the capital of Italy and, since the XX century, is the center of Italian Automotive Industry. It is a multi-faceted city, where the royal blue blood and the red blood of the many workers coming from the south of Italy with their traditions and cultures, live together in a perfect balance, creating fascinating and interesting contrasts

Turin is located in the north-west of Italy, near the borders with France and Switzerland, a few steps from the Alps and from Europe’s highest mountains


It’s well connected via highway and high speed trains to the main axis east-west. It has a minor airport called Torino Caselle reachable in 20 minutes driving. The nearest international airport is Milan Malpensa. The main train station is Turin Porta Nuova, ideal to reach the city from outside


The city is beautiful all year round. Turin is ideal for people who wish to discover the authenticity of Italy and being out from the touristy areas. It’s a secondary destination, very interesting and rich in things to do in every season


Turin is a perfect destination for history enthusiasts, curious people who wish to discover local traditions, the fascinating heritage and the rich culinary culture. It’s ideal for history, architecture and food and wine lovers. Turin has an extraordinary history thanks to its glorious past as capital of the Reign of Italy, but also an incredible enogastronomy thanks to the famous Alba white truffle, the Gianduiotto chocolate, the great Barolo wine and much more


Over the centuries Turin has been the protagonist of many novels and poems emphasising its breath-taking beauty and elegance. It is rich in history and culture and the best way to capture its essence is exploring the city with Ways guides. Discover the symbols of Turin: admire the Royal Palace, enter the Egyptian Museum, see the great Mole Antoneliana, the Venaria Royal palace and the Holy Shroud chapel, famous all over the world

Wine Experience

Turin is the capital of Piedmont region, a real paradise for food and wine lovers. The countryside not far from the city is the birthplace of many Italian excellences like Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto D’Asti and much more. Explore with Ways wine experts the reign of small and high quality winemakers and discover the secrets of the production passed down from generation to generation. Here, hectares of vineyards grow in the shade of the Alps, design a breathtaking view and create incredible wines

Food Experience

In Turin, thanks to its eclectic soul, many Piedmontese gastronomic cultures and traditions merge together. That’s why this is the birthplace of the Slow Food movement. The two souls of the city are always in a perfect balance: the refined white truffle and chocolate of the Royal breakfast, in contrast with the popular Vitello Tonnato in some local Piola (local restaurants). Ways foodie guides can lead you through a culinary journey to discover the food excellence of Turin in Europe’s biggest open air fresh market and ancient food shops to taste the best Piedmontese products

Day Touring

Turin is in a beautiful position, a few hours from the beautiful and world-famous Mont Blanc, where you can admire Europe’s biggest glacier and the charming Chamonix, in France. A real paradise for nature lovers. If you are looking for a cozy and relaxing place, in a few hours driving you’ll reach Lake Maggiore and the Borromee islands with stunning views, amazing villas and fishermen villages. Perfect place to retreat and relax surrounded by the Italian beauty

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