Milan is a unique city brimming with life and opportunities that boasts incredible tourist attractions. It is the capital of the design Made in Italy and here world-famous brands populate the fashion center. This is just one of the many souls of the city: here you can walk through elegant and historic streets, discover the Duomo di Milano, the iconic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and taste the delicious cuisine, visit the near wine regions and much more

Milan is located in the center of the North of Italy. Thanks to its position you can easily reach other important destinations such as Lake Como, Cinque Terre, Tuscany and many wine regions like Barolo, Franciacorta and Oltrepò Pavese


Milan is the main arrival point for international flights. It has 3 airports: Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio. In addition, it is the main railway center for the north of Italy and easily reachable thanks to a wide network of high speed trains. Going around in Milan is very easy with an efficient underground train network


This city is extremely lively all year round. Many events attract people from all over the world, the most famous one is Milan Fashion Week. We suggest visiting it during the summer as it’s less busy and you can easily explore the city. August is the best month because many locals go on holiday


Milan is the most international and most innovative city of Italy where design, architecture and fashion merge together to create a perfect balance that everyone appreciates. Milan is the ambassador of Made in Italy in all its forms: here you can find the most iconic brands, symbols of the Italian lifestyle; the ancient historic beauties and the high-end and most original culinary experiences. Milan is the perfect destination if you wish to combine business with the pleasure of Italian way of living


Milan is the city where tradition and modernization merge together to create incredible places that amazes tourists from all over the world. Going from the Duomo, to the Castello Sforzesco, through the luxuriant Sempione Park, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and the increasingly modern neighbourhoods, Ways guides will show you the city from a completely new perspective

Biking & Sustainability

Milan is developing a great attention to sustainability. This new green development has privileged a wide network of cycling paths that easily connect every corner of the city. The best way to see Milan’s beauties is biking with a comfortable E-bike through the main monuments. Ways guides can show you the most beautiful places of the city center or take you to a magic place in the countryside just a few kilometres from the heart of the city. Here, the need of having a heaven to retreat and relax and the sustainability created “bosco in città” a beautiful cycling area in the countryside, with woods, clear waters and birds

Wine Experience

Thanks to its blessed position, Milan is near many interesting wine regions such as the world-famous Barolo region in Piedmont, Franciacorta and Oltrepò Pavese regions, where some selected producers create a unique “metodo classico”, very interesting for wine lovers. Ways wine experts can show you the best that these wine regions have to offer and by meeting the producers you can deepen into the wine culture of the territory and taste unique wines, everything in one day

Food Culture

There is no other city like Milan for the greatest selection of high-end restaurants. Here the traditional food of the region is combined with an original innovation to create a surprising cuisine celebrated in the most iconic restaurants of the city. Fashion in Milan is everywhere, even in food: many Italian fashion brands have their own cafè or club. Ways guides can show you the best places of the city to have a Milanese Aperitivo or where to have a taste of the delicious gastronomy

Day Touring

Milan is in an extremely convenient position, a few hours away from beautiful and world-famous sites like Lake Como, Lake Garda, Turin, Verona, Bergamo, Cinque Terre and Parma. Ways guides and drivers will offer a relaxing trip to discover the highlights of beautiful historic cities like Verona; Bergamo; Parma and the food valleys of Parmigiano Reggiano; Turin, known for the white truffles, Barolo and Langhe wines; the breathtaking Lake Como; Lake Garda with its enchanting villages and the marvellous Cinque Terre

Special Activities

Ways local guides are deeply in touch with the city and with the most iconic activities downtown. That’s why we can suggest a wide range of unique experiences that can enrich your holidays in Italy. From a fashion tour in the Quadrilatero della Moda with a personal shopper; to a Rooftop bar tour; an incredible show at Alla Scala Theater, famous all over the world; ending with a memorable culinary experience… In Milan there is the highest number of Michelin starred restaurants that are ready to be experienced

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