Lake Garda

A charming land of history, pictoreque hamlets, stunning landscapes and clear waters. The biggest lake of Italy has hundreds of amazing places to explore: from the breathtaking mountains all around the coasts; pleasant and medieval hamlets; clear waters, ideal for swimming, relaxing and for many sports. The perfect place both for a relaxing holiday and for the adrenaline addicted

It’s located in the north-west of Verona between the city and the Pre-Alps of Trentino region and Lessini Mountain Park. The lake is divided into 3 regions: Veneto in the east side, Trentino in the north and Lombardy in the west and south


To visit the charming villages and see the most beautiful beaches it is necessary to have a car at disposal. The lake is about 30 minutes driving from Verona. Is not well connected by train, you can only reach the south part


The best periods to visit Lake Garda are spring and autumn. Summer can be crowded but is the ideal season for swimming in the fresh waters of the lake. During the mid-seasons you can enjoy and relax while visiting the beautiful hamlets along the coast


Lake Garda is the biggest lake in Italy and offers a wide range of activities ideal both for a relaxing holiday and for the adventure seekers.  You can relax and swim in the clear waters; you can visit the historic and medieval villages; climb and hike the near mountains; taste the special local wines of Bardolino, Custoza and Lugana wine regions, discover the Olive Oil locally produced; try many sports like sailing, paddling, kite surfing and much more


The most interesting areas for an historic visit are Sirmione, Malcesine, Lazise, Riva del Garda in the north-east coast and the famous Vittoriale degli Italiani, a monumental site designed by Gabriele D’Annunzio. You’ll find beautiful castles, enchanting medieval monuments, picturesque streets full of flowers and amazing landscapes, everything at your fingertips

Food & Wine Experience

Lake Garda, thanks to its unique soil and climate, is a blessed land that offers not only great wines like Bardolino, Lugana, Custoza but also a high-end olive oil production, known for its quality all over Italy. Discover with Ways wine experts the best producers, visit the wine and olive oil makers and learn the secrets of the traditional production. Lake Garda is also the birthplace of many other Italian excellences like Tortellini di Valeggio or the Lessini mountain cheese, a real celebration of the local artisanal production

Active Touring

Lake Garda is a real paradise for adventure and adrenaline seekers. Here you’ll find many outdoor activities on the land and on the water. From hiking on the nearby hills and massive mountains, to immersive bike tours through vineyards and olive groves, up to high-adrenaline activities like climbing, vie ferrate, paragliding, windsurf or kite surf

Boat Cruise

The best way to explore Lake Garda and experience its infinite beauty is by boat or sailing. Hidden beaches, beautiful villages like Salò, Sirmione, Limone or Malcesine and unexpected ancient villas on the coast can be revealed only from the water. Ways experts can organize an unforgettable boat experience that will take your holiday to the next level

Day Touring

Lake Garda is in a central position and gives the opportunity to easily reach the nearby cities. Ways guides and drivers can offer a relaxing trip to discover the highlights of beautiful and near cities like Verona and Venice, the most classic destinations if you are staying at Lake Garda; or they can lead you to discover pleasant and relaxing places like Borghetto, Sirmione or the amazing Dolomites

Special Activities

Ways world is at disposal to create and organize bespoke tours designed from your requests and desires. Thanks to our wide knowledge of the territory we can offer special and unique experiences like luxury Riva motor yacht cruises, Yacht cruises, Arena Opera tickets with private transport and welcome services or tailor made tours and activities

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