Team Welfare Program

Being part of the Ways team means collaborating with a team of professionals ready to share their experiences and skills, the teamwork allows the group itself to grow in terms of value and professionality. Each member works for a common good. Being part of the Ways team does not only mean professional well-being, we provide our employees with a range of benefits to support them and their eligible family members. These benefits include a comprehensive and efficient program of:
Health care

Maternity package, Specialist visits, Diagnostics, Health Tickets, Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and dialysis, Lenses and glasses, Physiotherapy, Orthopedic medical devices and aids, Rehabilitation and Control Packages, Acupuncture, Disability, Hospital admission, Dental diagnostic tests, orthodontics, Implantology services, Special dental services, Special diagnostic services, Metabolic syndrome

Support for parenting

babysitting, nursery schools, school enrollment costs, book purchase, school transport costs, school canteen costs, summer camp registration, assistance for disabled children, after school, school camps

Personal counseling service
Support in purchase of devices

computer, notebook, printers, tablets, smartphones, ebooks

Management of a regular vacation plan
Support of parental leave
Support to the assistance of elderly family members
Continuous training activity

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